Massage Services

Massage is as old as time. Just as we know that premature babies thrive with human contact, our ancestors were also aware of the healing powers of touch. Every culture spanning the globe has incorporated the use of massage into their customs and lifestyles. The techniques may be quite different from country to country, but the therapeutic benefits of massage and touch have held true. Massage not only relieves stress and sore muscles, it promotes health, well-being and balance.


Waterfalls Signature Massage

30 Minutes $60 – 50 Minutes $90 – 80 Minutes $125
Series of 5 30 Minutes for $235 Series of 5 50 Minutes for $360
Series of 5 80 Minutes for $495
Physiological massage delivered with light to medium pressure. This massage will help increase lymph and blood circulation.

Aromatherapy Massage

50 Minutes $110 Series of 5 for $445
This timeless therapy will leave you feeling invigorated and restored; using long, soothing strokes along with relaxing massage techniques. An oil base blend with pure essential oils adds a sensory stimulating and organic elements to enhance the experience.

Full Body European Hot Stone Massage

75 Minutes $125 Series of 5 for $495
This ancient art of healing uses smooth, heated Basalt stones and Swedish massage techniques to promote deep muscle relief and calmness.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 Minutes $80 – 50 Minutes $120 Series of 50 Minutes for $475
A style of bodywork tailored to your specific needs that help to lengthen and release congested muscle tissue and areas of chronic pain. Not recommended for 1st time massage recipients.

Head to Heart

30 Minutes $50
Designed to relieve stress and encourage relaxation through massage of the scalp, face, neck, chest and upper shoulders.