Body Treatments

We each draw our repairing, driving and vital energy from within. Energy lies at the source of beauty. Our Body Treatments invite you to regain this energy with natural active ingredients bursting with vitality. Let your mind wander, know how to take your time, recover your serenity, feel good about yourself, feel beautiful, succumb to the voluptuousness of sensations.

aromatic body rituals


Full Body Scrubs 45 Minutes $95

Exfoliating Fruit Seed Scrub

Helps to uncover radiant, soft silky skin.

Beer Hops Sugar Scrub

Fresh dried beer hops mixed with sugar and oil help exfoliated and hydrate the skin.

Full Body Wraps 55 Minutes $130

Seaweed Body Contour Wrap

Helps improve circulation, detoxify, hydrate and firms. Reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Alpine Mud Wrap

detox of the body to help
remineralize and feel

Infra-Red Sauna – 20 Minutes

Single – $30
Couples – $50

Balneotherapy Tub Soak – 20 Minutes

Single – $30
Couples – $50
Baloneotheraphy Tub Soak Is A
Luxurious Tub From Germany.
Enhanced With Led Light
Therapy And Vibrational
Therapy Is Truly Relaxing
Experience. Enhanced with
Epsom salts And Essential Oils
for Deeper Relaxation.